Tuesday, August 13, 2013

{The Lorax + truffula trees!!!}

As promised, here is an update about the kids super fun play date that started yesterday and concluded today. Nicole found this cool website that shows how to make your own truffula tree from the book The Lorax. She asked if my kiddos would be interested in making their own tree, and the answer was an enthusiastic YES! We started the fun yesterday with a lot of playing. We were having the drain pump in the washing machine replaced, so we were tied to the house until that was done. We still needed to hunt out our tree trunks, so we were at a stand still. The kiddos didn't care. They had a blast playing outside.

After the washing machine repair was complete, we took off for a bike ride to find our tree trunks. That was a successful mission. The kids were pretty hungry when we got back, so it was time for lunch. They had...green eggs and ham!!!
Caden informed me that these were the best eggs he had "ever eaten."

They also had Cat in the Hat fruit stack "hats."

For dessert Nicole made Lorax cookies. How cute are these?

By the time we were done with lunch, the kiddos were tired. We decided to put off the tree construction until today. The kids were okay with extending the fun :)

Today the kids came over and we got to it! Here they are putting theirs together:

We used a feather boa as the leaves for the tree.
They even did some painting:

Caden loved painting the very top while standing on the chair.
The finished products:

Yes, Lilli is wearing winter boots. She picked out her entire ensemble.
How cute are those kids?!
We ended the fun by watching "The Lorax." Well...we started watching the movie and the kids then disappeared to play more. All is all it was a great time!

Until later!

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