Sunday, August 25, 2013

{swimming, lunch w/ dada, grocery store...}

The kids and I had a great day today. Ryan went to the office right after church to work on getting his reading done for school, so they kids and I played the day away.We packed a ton into one day. The temps were very high, around 94, so we decided to hit the pool right away. I dumped the water from yesterday, and I pulled the pool under the tent we had up for the party. It was nice because it put the pool in the complete shade.

Lilli letting me know she was ready to roll--

Who needs expensive water toys? They LOVE using my measuring cups and spoons--

We then took a break and picked up Ryan for lunch. We went to TJ's Harbor, which is close to Fond du Lac. It is such a pretty view there. I felt like we were on vacation--

When we got home (and the kids never napped), the kids wanted to play with something else. I helped them set up a grocery store in our living room. 

They had the check-out set up on their table. Caden told me it was a store where you don't have to pay money for the food. I asked him who would shop there, and he explained people who didn't have money but needed food. My baby set up a little food pantry :) --

You may have also noticed the kids' shirts. Yes, they are wearing the same shirt. They are for a birthday party for next Sunday, but they wanted to wear them today :) They would flip them back and forth so sometimes Sully would in the front and sometimes Mike Wazowski (from Monster's Inc).

The kids decided they wanted to get back in the pool. Here is a shot of some water yoga--

They even brought Tick-Tock into the pool and were floating on him for awhile. Minka doesn't look too sure about it--

I also decided that Sunday is going to be my crafting day. And I started TODAY. I will let you in on the project later this week. I am pretty proud... :)

Until later!


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