Tuesday, August 06, 2013

{still sick, soccer, and play date!}

I started the day at the walk-in clinic. Luckily it isn't pneumonia :) I have an upper respiratory infection. The doc put me on the Z pack, so hopefully I will be feeling better soon. Unfortunately, Lilli is now sick, too...

The kids and I had a "home day" today. Stanley Steemer came back again to work on our lower level, but we think we will need to pull the carpet. Our washer hose came out while we were gone over the weekend, so the carpet got soaked down there. We are afraid there is mold :(

Later in the day Mads and Nate came to play for awhile. They even came to soccer. Sadly, I have no pics. The kids were playing with my phone, so I couldn't take any pics.

Caden had a great time again. He is getting to be very good at handling the ball. He also won the Shark/Minnow. Game again today. He was so proud :)

I did take quite a few pics of the kids all playing when we got back home. Unfortunately, I can't post those tonight. I knocked my chai tea onto my laptop this AM, so it is currently out of commission. I can't put the pics on my iPad, so that leaves me with no pics right now from the play date.

I do have...my brother trying to fix my computer:
We will see tomorrow if it worked.

I also have a cute shot that Ryan took tonight. Lilli was so exhausted from playing so much today, plus she's getting my cold, so she was out early:
Poor thing...

Until later!

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