Thursday, August 29, 2013

{soccer hockey to soon begin}

This past Tuesday was Caden's last day of soccer :( I was back at work, so I had to miss it. Luckily he was fortunate enough to have his Grandma take him. He LOVED soccer. I think it was such a great fit for him because he is so active. He was running all of the time.

This was a video I shot of him at practice from last week:

Here is a picture my mother-in-law sent to me from his last practice. He was so excited to get another medal:
How cute is he?

He also got a little certificate:
Every day we would walk into soccer practice, we would have to walk past the entrance to the ice rink. Every day he would peer in that direction as we past the door. Three weeks ago he started asking about ice hockey. Am I old enough to play it? Can I try it? He's only 4 (5 at the end of October), so I thought the fascination would pass. It didn't. I think of ice hockey and certain images pop into my head. Like this one:
A young boy shows off his missing teeth while in his hockey gear. - stock photo
I think it's pretty rough. I worry about Caden getting pushed around...but I know that I shouldn't worry. Because he is so physical, I am sure he will love it. It just seems to be such a "big kid" sport. I guess it's time to realize he isn't so little :) When I told him I signed him up, he was SO excited. We still need to go and get him a helmet because his first class Sept. 9th. I had to make him understand he won't even touch a stick in his lessons. The first session of ice hockey is just getting the kids to be able to skate. Should be fun! I'm thinking Bambi on ice :)

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