Saturday, August 17, 2013

{our new carpet}

Isn't it funny how you don't realize how horrible your carpet is/was until you get new carpet? Our lower level had the new carpet installed yesterday. It is sooooooo nice. It is soft, bouncy...lovely. The kids just kept rolling on it. 

Well, the kids and Ryan.

And Ryan and Minka. (I love how both Caden and Lilli are just blurs in this pic-that's pretty normal!)

The kids didn't want us to put the furniture back, but of course we did. And we went through everything to decrapify before we put things back. I am on a roll! First our master bathroom, my closet (I'll share that later), and now the lower level. The biggest item to decrapify was under our bar. I had so many things under there that I just don't use enough to justify taking up so much space. For example, I have EIGHT vases under there. Why? I'm not sure. I am storing all of those in the basement from now on. 

I plan to work on finishing getting everything back in its place tomorrow, so I will share those pics then. 

Always have to leave you with a cute pic of at least one of the kiddos, so here is a pic of Lilli from this morning. She was barely awake as we played Minnie Boutique Bingo. Look how sleepy those little eyes look :)

Until later!


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Kraig Baade said...

Nothing like a brand new carpet to send the family laughing. I don't know how bad your old carpet looked that you had to replace it, but your new one looks great. You were indeed enjoying it!

Kraig Baade @