Wednesday, August 07, 2013

{oh, a camping we will go!}

As of today, Ryan and I are officially owners of a pop-up camper! We ended buying the one we used last weekend. We really enjoy camping with the kids, and the camper makes it so much easier. I never thought we would buy one, but we got a great deal. The kids are BEYOND excited. Here are some shots of them in the camper from last weekend:

It was great!

Ryan and my brother will be using it already this coming weekend. They are going to a geocaching event in West Bend, so they decided to camp instead of staying in a hotel. The weather should be great, so it should be a good time. I will make sure to ask him to take pics :)

To avoid forgetting things again when camping, I have started a Google Doc with all of the items that will be needed. Then each time we camp, we can quickly consult the list. Some of the items we will also be ale to keep right in the camper. It should be much nicer :)

Until later!

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