Tuesday, August 20, 2013

{last day before going back to school!}

It was such a great day. The kids and I packed as much as we could into my last day of summer before going back to work tomorrow. We started it off by stopping at the Building for Kids in Appleton. It is a children's museum. It is such a great place to go with the kiddos. They were super excited to go. Here are some of the highlights of our three hours of play:

We started in the art studio. I have learned over time, it is best to start in the art area. Then the projects have enough time to dry while we are playing with other things. Then we pick up our projects right before we leave.

The kids definitely loved dumping the sand on the paper--

We then went over to the "worker man" area--

The black things are ground up tires--

Caden wanted to operate the crane next--

Lilli and I piled in with him, too--

Then the kiddos got hungry, so we took a break to eat the lunches we brought with us--

Back at it! We next went to the gas station--

The highlight of Lilli's trip is ALWAYS the doll hospital. Caden even had fun in there this time--

She loved sitting in the rocking chair with her baby. She thought it was a girl (it was dressed in pink), we changed the diaper and she said, "Mama, she has a pee pee!" Yep, they are anatomically correct dolls :)

The kids decided we needed to head to the gas station store and stock up on coffee and food.

Next on our list was the airplane. I even think it's fun to sit in the plane--

Captain Caden--

Lilli worked air traffic control--

There are plenty of opportunities for climbing around--

This is a heart through which the kids can climb. Lilli kept slipping, so Caden pushed her up with his head :) --

We got a little bongo playing in--

The room with the huge builders is cool, too--

"Look at my antennae!"--

After the museum we had to head back to Oshkosh for Caden's soccer practice. By this point, both kids were pretty tired. I kept them awake by bribing them with a shake :) Here is a shot of Lilli and me during practice:

Here is a screenshot of what my phone looked like after Lilli played with it for 30 seconds:

She LOVES taking pics of herself. It made me laugh.

After soccer, we came back home and watered my flowers and our vegetables. Whilst I was doing that, both kids rode their bikes. When we finally got into the house, Caden looked soooooo tired. I knew it was time to give them dinner before they crashed. It was 5 pm by this time. So it was dinner, bath time, and then we watched a little TV before they were out. Lilli was out early, but Caden held on until his actual bedtime (8pm).

Once the kids were in bed, I got to work on some of the prep work for Lilli's party. I baked some of the cakes (yes, there will be multiple), and I also cut out all of the hats for the Peter Pan hats I'm making for the boys. I will post some sneak peek pics tomorrow. So cute....

Until later!


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