Thursday, August 22, 2013

{hats finished...almost + 4K visit}

I know this post is late...and I am tired, but I am happy to report I finished sewing all of the Peter Pan hats! I even made two extra, because Lilli informed me that she wants one, too. I decided I may as well just make one for Maddie too so each kid has one. I say they are almost done, because I need to glue on the feathers:

I also was able to get a few other things done for the party. One other sneak peak I will give you is the Captain Hook sign the kids will try to peg with water balloons. This game will be in the Mermaid Lagoon section of the backyard :) Thanks to my father-in-law for rigging up the device to hold the laminated pic.

Other than working on the party, I did go to work today. These first two days were devoted to working with the two new teachers at the high school. I went over procedures with them, and mainly just tried to help make their transition into a new career and school as smooth as possible. I really like being a mentor.

I also had a parent meeting for Caden's 4K program. It was the basic turn in the paperwork kind of meeting. I was happy to find out that three or four of Caden's friends from last year will be in his class this year as well. I also popped into the 4K room to check it out. I snapped a pic of the class plate from 1986 when Ryan was in preschool at Peter Pan. Caden loves it that this plate is there :) 

I love the idea that Caden will have his name on a plate for this year, and then Lilli will have a name on a plate for next year. So much history...

Until later!


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