Monday, August 26, 2013

{Happy Third Birthday, Lilli!!!}

Today was all about my little Lilli. We did what she wanted to do. I was so grateful that I didn't have to work today. She chose to go to Chuck E. Cheese, of course. I wanted to head there early, but the kids wanted to "play at home a little longer." They were playing grocery store again and getting ready for a party :) After they were done, we headed to pick up a few things at Target. Then it was time for Chuck E. Cheese! Some highlights:

The mini-carousel is one of Lilli's favorites--

Caden always loves the rollercoaster simulator--

I love it that there is a camera on his face, so I can see his expression on this hills--

A little skeeball--

Lilli was so happy, because in the climbing area she was able to climb each level without a boost from Caden--

Up high in the climbing area--

Always have to get our picture in the photo booth :) --

After Chuck E. Cheese, we buzzed over to the mall. I thought it would be fun to take a trip to Build a Bear. They each have an animal or two from there, but they have never done one themselves.

Can you see the anticipation on their faces?!

Lilli knew right away that she wanted the My Little Pony Rainbow Dash. Here she is watching David fill up her pony--

Putting a heart into Rainbow Dash--

Caden picked out a black bear. He loved being able to push down the pedal to fill the bear--

Giving his bear's heart a kiss--

Giving their animals a bath--

Dressing their animals--

So happy! Caden has Iron Man Bear and Lilli has Rainbow Dash--

I think there was a little too much excitement in one day :) --

The last fun thing we did was decorate mini birthday cakes. Lilli chose purple and pink frosting. I did help them a little :)

And of course we had to sing Happy Birthday again. This time she was able to blow the candles out all by herself--

Well, Caden still thought she needed help--

Then it was time to chow down--

We couldn't love this little angel more than we do :)

Until later!


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