Wednesday, August 21, 2013

{great first day + Peter Pan hats}

Everything went very smoothly at school today. I am mentoring two new teachers, and then another will be added as soon as he/she is hired. The two teachers are both in the Science department, and I think they will do very well.

I missed the kiddos of course, but when I got to Tricia's they were having a great time. It was super hot today, so they had a great time in the kiddy pool. Here is a shot of them:

Once we got home it was time to water the plants. Lilli helped me pick the tomatoes--

After dinner we ran a few errands, and then I got to work trying to figure out my sewing machine. I need to make the Peter Pan hats for the party. And... I figured it out! I was able to find an online manual for my machine, and after much trial and error, it worked! The kids were asleep by the time I accomplished this feat, so Ryan had to be my model. Keep in mind that the hat is toddler size :)

Here is a closer one of the hat:

Not too bad for my first project. I will finish the other hats tomorrow. I plan to do a larger post of everything for the Tinkerbell/Peter Pan party after the weekend, so then I will give you the links to some of the projects I am doing. It is so much fun!!!

Until later!


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