Saturday, August 10, 2013

{doc visit X 2, green tea lemonade + camping}

The kids and I started the day with a trip to the doctor...for both of them. They were in good moods. Here is from when we were waiting:


Vital check:




Dr. Johnson ended up diagnosing Lilli with Bronchitis. Caden is about two days behind her, so he isn't as bad yet. She is on medication now, and Caden will have some as well if his cold develops into Bronchitis as well.

We had to go to Target after the appointment, because that is the pharmacy we use. I should probably change that, because it always ends up costing me more than the prescription :) I had a Starbucks gift cards, so I told the kids they could have a drink as well. I was thinking they would want a milk. Caden looked right at the barista and said, "Two small green tea lemonades." That is my summer time Starbucks beverage. The barista looked surprised. Caden said he and Lilli both wanted one. I figured a sugar drink would be much worse, so I let them get them. Here they are right after they got their drinks:


They drank the entire thing :)

Daddy and Uncle Danny sent us one update pic from their trip. They ended up finding 28 geocaches. 


I will see if I can get more pics later. They are guys, so they probably didn't take very many.

The kids and I ended our night with a little camping as well. Caden wanted to camp in the living room, so I made them this tent. Not too bad, if I do say so myself.



Until later!

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