Friday, August 02, 2013

{camping prep}

*Sorry for the delay in this post. I had it all set to go, and then I forgot to hit publish! Oops...

Today was all about getting ready for camping tomorrow. The first thing I had to do was make my menu, and then I needed to go to the grocery store. I LOVE going to Festival Foods, because they have a Tot Spot for the kids. Free childcare AND the kids love it. Here is a shot of them:

They love it in here.

Here is one of the TV screens in the store where I can watch them.
It makes shopping so much easier when I don't have little hands grabbing everything that we "need."

I also had to hit up Target (my all-time favorite store) to get some last minute necessities. Who can camp without glowing objects? We can't.

While the kids played this afternoon, I worked on getting everything dine. We have found that it works much better to pack all of our supplies in plastic totes. They stack nicely, and they also keep everything dry. I also like it that I am able to see what is in each contained because they are clear.
Instead of renting a pop-up camper this year, we were lucky enough to have Luke and Dianne Telford offer to allow us to borrow theirs. Soooo nice. We picked that up tonight, too.

Now we just have to leave tomorrow!!! So excited :)

Until later!

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