Saturday, August 31, 2013

{back to school shopping + date night

The plan for today was to run to school to drop off my pictures, and I also needed to grab some paperwork for Lilli's school that I forgot in my room. Here is what half of the pics look like in my room:

I think it adds so much. I especially love the cork board. I am able to put up a TON of pics this way.

The little frame I got on clearance at a Home Goods type store a few years ago. It was clearanced out because one of the pieces of plastic for a picture was missing. I just went into my scrapping room and found something that would work in its place:

I think it looks like it was made to be there.

After being in my classroom, Caden REALLY wanted to play at my friend Kim's house. She lives right next to the school, and Caden thinks her place is AMAZING. Luckily, she was home:

Caden practically ran to the house from the van--

He thought this was awesome--

He was pretty good, too--

Lilli was happy because Kim let her pick a baby to take care of--

And she liked this--
 Yes, she's wearing candy corn socks. She loves them... So not worth the fight:)

Look at her hair fly--

The excitement didn't end there. Katelyn came over to play with the kids. They love it when she comes over to play :)

It also gave Mama and Dada time to get some things done. Now that I have my hair all ready for school, I knew I needed a few new pieces of clothing for my wardrobe. I'm not talking all out crazy town shopping spree, just some new signature pieces that will look fresh and stand up for some time. The first thing I did was take a look at my closet to see what I needed. For example, I wore my black wedge dress shoes this week to inservice, and I realized that they needed to go. They were falling apart. I put that on my list. Yep...a list. I started a list this Tuesday of what I needed to get. I know myself too well. If I don't write it down, I will forget it. It's that simple. I also remembered some of the items I got rid of (for various reasons) when I cleaned my closet. Some of the things on my list:
*black flats with a wedge
*black boots
*brown boots
*dark brown dress pants

You know, things like that. At least those are the staples that I needed. I successfully found all accept the brown dress pants. I found A LOT more than I planned to get :)

Ryan needed to get some more reading done (Did I mention he is starting an Executive MBA program in less than two weeks?), so he planned to read while I shopped. We headed to Appleton. I have been wanting to try Carmella's for a LONG time, and tonight was the night. Here's a shot of our dinners:

Ryan and his Chilean Sea bass--

My swordfish--


Oh, I also decorated a cake today for a birthday party tomorrow. Adin's 4th birthday party is tomorrow, and he LOVES Monster's Inc. I grabbed some ideas off of Pinterest. I think it turned out okay. I still need to add the door banner from skewer to skewer. I'm doing that tomorrow:

Until later!


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