Friday, August 30, 2013

{back to school haircuts}

Not only is it time to do some last minute back to school supply shopping, but the kids and I also did some back to school haircuts today! The kids love getting their haircut, so going to visit Catie at Sublime Hair Studio is always a fun time :) Here are the before pics of the kiddos:

Caden Before--

Lilli before--

Caden always likes to get his hair cut first:

Then comes Lilli:

They know that a piece of candy will be waiting for them if they do a great job. This is generally always the case with them. Lilli is usually so quiet I can't believe it. This time they each took a cookie:

Here are the after pics of the kiddos:



So cute!

After the kids were done, Dada walked them to his office while I was getting my hair cut:

It was time for Mama to get her hair cut. I am a HUGE fan of letting my hair grow out in the summer so I can just quickly pull it back into a ponytail or a sloppy bun. The end of summer is here, and so it the end of my long-ish hair. Plus Ryan likes me hair when it is shorter and sassy :)

Here are my before (sans makeup) pics:

The back of my hair--

And here are my after pics:

Back view--

Side view--

I LOVE it! I just feel more put together when I have hair to style. It is just too easy for me to pull my hair back day after day if I let it get too long.

I have to leave you with a pic of the kiddos when they were playing in the sandbox Wednesday night after I got home from Open House at my school. They were digging for treasure:
 I don't know what I like more about this pic--the fact that Caden looks so darn happy he found the doubloon, or that Lilli looks like a Peanuts character dancing :)

Until later!


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