Monday, July 22, 2013

{William's first birthday, Ames orchard, Florida flashback}

It is hard to believe that Baby William (as Lilli will always call him) is going to be one on Wednesday. We celebrate his birthday on Saturday. I need to steal some pics from Cara to put up on here. Here is a pic I do have of William and me from one time when we visited in Madison. I just love it:

Yesterday seemed like a really long day. We started with ushering at church, and then we didn't stop going until we went to bed. After church we went to Stein Garden and Gifts to pick up one flower pot with pretty bright flowers for the backyard. That somehow turned into us getting three grapevines and a very large blueberry bush. There were already many blueberries on the bush. The kids had eaten those before we even got it loaded into the car. We are establishing the Ames Orchard :) We aren't too sure about the grapes and how they will turn out, but it should be fun. I am also looking forward to making some stuffed grape leaves with fresh leaves. I've never done that before. I will take some pics to show.


Here are some of the last pics from Florida. We were there over the 4th of July, so of course we needed to participate in some of the fun. Caden used the poppers for the first time. He LOVED them!!!

Lilli...not as much :)

Until later!

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