Thursday, July 18, 2013

{snack time and first movie theater experience in Florida}

When we went to Fratello's a couple of months ago, we decided to order edamame for an appetizer. The kids were  a little skeptical at first. We made them try it, and they LOVED it. They couldn't get enough of them. When Grammy was visiting, we went again and had some. Again, the kids scarfed them down. Grammy suggested that we buy some frozen ones, and then steam them in the microwave for the kids. It was a SUCCESS! They loved them just as much as in the restaurant. I just added some sea salt on the top like they did at Fratello's. Here they are:

They get soybeans out without our help :)

Back to Florida!!! While we were there, we took the kids to see their first movie in the theater. We went to see "Despicable Me 2." It was adorable, and the kids did such a great job. I don't know which they liked better: the movie or the popcorn!

Do you see the size of that drink?!

Until later!

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