Wednesday, July 31, 2013

{Mama's school}

Who would think it could be so much fun visiting a high school the summer? My kiddos think it is. Caden has been asking to go there, so I decided because we didn't have anything else planned, we would head there today so I could work on setting up my room (hang posters and things). They LOVED it. We were there for four hours! My friend Becki even brought her daughter Addy to play. Caden says she is his girlfriend :) I didn't get any pics with all of the kids, but I did get some with my kiddos. Here you go:
Watching "Dinosaur Train" on my screen in my room.
Helping me put up the borders on one of my bulletin boards.
Lilli enjoyed sitting on top of some picnic blankets and cutting paper.
The return trip home :) Wiped...out...

After dinner we decided to try a new frozen yogurt place called Berry blast. The kids approved:
They probably ate about half of what was in their bowls. Eyes are ALWAYS bigger than the stomach :)
This last pic I took right before taking the kids up to bed. Lilli was all about snuggling and hugging Caden. Too cute...

Until later!

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