Sunday, July 28, 2013

{camping adventures + go Timber Rattlers!}

Sorry the last updates have been so late. Busy days!!! It is so nice to be home :) I still have a lot to do in order to get caught back up, but it is nice to see those sweet little faces :) Caden, Daddy and Bumpah didn't get home until early evening, so Lilli, Grandma and I went to grab some necessities at Woodman's. We were so happy when the guys got home. Check out these cute pics from their (very wet) camping trip:

Not only was it a little chilly, but it rained a TON in Door County.

The tarp kept them dry...for the most part :)

Happy but wet!

Getting a ride with Bumpah

The men
Even Baby Mickey (both of them) made it for the camping trip.
Snuggling up to stay warm :)

Picking some Door County cherries
Take a look at this beauty.
I love this pic.
The law finally caught up with him!
Today was also a great day. After church we got ready right away for tailgating at the Timber Rattler's game. This was the kids first baseball game, and they loved it! Lilli wasn't even afraid of the snake mascot, Fang, this time. We will definitely be heading back. Check out what we did:

Fun time, and yes...we are wearing coats...not jackets.
Look who asked for a Timber Rattlers' hat. Loved the ball, too.
Who doesn't love cotton candy?

Daddy loves it, too!

Lilli even held his hand!!!
They even have a huge sandbox for the kiddos.
The cute little girl in the front kept photobombing (popping into) Ryan's pics.
Giant slide fun? Yes, please!

Not so graceful :)
Here is a link to a video of the kiddos going down the slide: Slide Fun.

Well, I am off to bed! Tomorrow is a day of cleaning, and then dinner with Nicole! Yay!

Until later!


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