Sunday, July 14, 2013

{busy times}

The last couple of weeks have been a blur! We left for Florida on the 27th of June. We left around 6 pm and we got there around 5 pm the next day. The drive wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. I also discovered that 5 Hour Energy works miracles! I was able to drive from 8 pm to 7 am straight through with only one stop! I would definitely use that again. The trip was great, and I will post more about that next week. We have a TON of pics.
Here is just one sneak peek pic from our trip:

Since returning home, we have been just trying to get back on a schedule. Lilli has decided that she doesn't want to do dance :( We did try another time (on the 27th before we left town), but she cried again and wanted to go home. I guess we will try again next year. I also worked on cleaning the house last week. That is always fun :)

I am finally back to a regular workout schedule. I figured that is important due to the Tough Mudder only being around two months away. I am back to early morning classes, but this time I am focusing on weight training. I really need to increase my upper body strength. I am LOVING being back on a schedule.

Instead of back tracking the last two weeks all at once, I am going to just start with this weekend. Then I will add a little about the last two weeks a little bit throughout the week. This weekend has been great. I started yesterday morning with a three mile run, Ryan got the grass cut, we went to lunch in Appleton, and then we went grocery shopping at Woodman's. I could not believe their organic and gluten-free section. We were shocked by how much they have. I got the toy room organized (again), and Ryan worked on organizing the basement a little. He is going to turn one of the corners into an office area for himself. Because he is starting an Executive MBA program in September (Did I mention that?), he is going to need an area to work. Then Danny and Samantha came to play with the kids at night while Ryan and I had dinner with Ron and Jody Harrell (our newspaper advisor from high school). It was a GREAT time. 

Today was another great day. We went to church and then we headed over to the Wiowash trail to go for a bike ride. Caden was super excited because we also brought his bike...which is now WITHOUT training wheels. Yep. Caden taught himself how to ride without training wheels on Thursday. We borrowed Sully's old bike (which is much smaller), and Caden felt much more comfortable. He fell numerous times, but he didn't let it get to him. He just kept saying that he would keep trying. He finally got it. Here is a link to a video. I couldn't get it to upload right onto the blog, so Ryan had to put it on Youtube:

Anyway...getting back to today. We went for a bike ride, then we stopped for a picnic lunch, and then the kids played at the Spiderweb playground (That's what Caden calls it). We got home, showered up, rested for a little, and then we went to see Monsters University. Lilli slept for the entire movie, but Caden stayed awake and he loved it. It was a long day, but it was a great day.

I will keep catching you up with details tomorrow!

I'll leave you with one more pic. Here is a shot of us before bedtime last week. We all decided to wear Perry the Platypus pjs:

Until later!

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