Wednesday, July 24, 2013

{BLC conference + pics from home}

I am so exhausted, but I have learned SO much today. We were in the lobby by 7:45 am, and we pretty much never took a rest. That wouldn't be that bad, but when you don't go to bed until 2 am, that is a tiring day. I am on a break right now, so I wanted to update while I had time. The rest of this night will be exploring the city a little bit, and then we are going to a Red Sox game at 7. I hope the weather is cooperative! I am sure I will have some pics to share tomorrow.
This AM I started off with a pretty bowl of oatmeal. Check it out:

I was excited about it :)
Because I left for Boston yesterday, I missed Caden's first day at soccer :( Luckily, Grandma was there to take a pic for me:

I am happy to report that he liked it. I can't wait to be there with him next week for it.
Another thing I am missing while being away is the middle of the night wake ups..oh wait...Do I miss those? ;)  Ryan texted me this this AM:

"This AM Lilli cried in her sleep twice before she called for me. Then I got her in our bed and she decided it was time for a conversation (2am). Then she laid down for a few minutes before she requested to go back to her room. I sat with her for a few minutes before Caden came busting in looking for me (3am). I laid Lilli down and Caden and I went back to our room. Then around 4:15 am Lilli woke up again and wanted back in our bed. Then we were all awake for good by 7:00..."

Those little stinkers know when we are tired and outnumbered :)
This pic accompanied that text:

He also sent me this pic:

Until later!

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