Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Building for Kids Fun and Anniversary Dinner

Ryan and I had a nice anniversary evening. We ended up not doing anything that major. We ate dinner at the Trinity in Fond du Lac, and then ended up doing some shopping at the Dollar Store and Target. I think I found enough for the kids' baskets for the trip to Florida. I know...exciting, right? Ryan also took a pic of this and sent it to my brother with the message, "What do you think? Clappy hands, harmonicas, or recorders for the car ride? O heck, we'll just get them all!"

We didn't get any of them :) We came home and finally got caught up with the end of the season of Once Upon a Time. I love that show...

We then just bummed around and did some shopping. Not a big deal, but much more relaxing when you don't have two little ones tagging along to see what you are getting. It was just nice to be together and talk about whatever we wanted. With little ears around, that is not always the case.

While Ryan was at work, the kids and I snagged Maddie and Nathan Josephs, and we headed to the Building for Kids in Appleton. My bro was nice enough to take some time off of work to come along with us. The kids had a great time.  Here are some pics:

Thumbs up for the Building for Kids!!!
Caden is working on making sure the firetruck will properly function.
Goofy girl!
Looking for animals.
Just looks crazy.
The  artists working on their masterpieces. Not Caden. He wasn't in the mood to paint. Stinker.
We had a great time! The kids told me they all want to go again soon. I think we can manage that :)


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