Tuesday, June 25, 2013

sleepover success...more Florida planning

The sleepover last night went very well. I think the boys had a GREAT time. Here are the highlights:

They took out a few things :)
Taking a moment to smile before Ryan launches them around again.
Yes, we are fancy at our house. Ties for all of the guys :) Sully brought them.
Here is Lilli waking up the boys this morning.

Caden and Sully had a great time. I am sure we will be having more sleepovers in the future. The boys liked sleeping in Caden's room on the cots we bought. I LOVE them. They collapse so well, and I like that they have a washable sheet, as well. Here is the link to them on Amazon. 

They are awesome! I would recommend them to anyone. Plus, at $22.39, that's not too bad. I wanted to get the pink one for Lilli, but it cost twice as much! So we ended up getting two blue ones. No fighting :)

Tonight I will be finishing up laundry, and I will begin to pack for Florida. I am excited to get things in the suitcases. That really cements the fact that we will be leaving soon.

Tomorrow I will let you see the baskets I made for the kiddos for the car ride. They will LOVE them :)

Until later!

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