Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Summer

It is hard to believe that the summer is already here...but it is. I am more than excited to get all of the extra time with my little kiddos. Who honestly are not that little anymore. As I type, Lilli is walking around in Caden's Buzz Lightyear pjs and her bike helmet:
I'm not quite sure why she decided she needed her stomach showing in the pic :)
They are taking turnings riding Caden's scooter around the house:

He is such a ham. Did you know that proper scooter footwear is boots?
It is a good morning.

We have been busy so far this summer. We left last Thursday to take Grammy back to Toledo. She visited with us for about a month. We had a great time. We loved seeing all of the family also when we took her back. My favorite thing was when Lilli asked why we dropped Gram off at her house. We told her she wanted to go back home. Lilli's response was, "We are done with her?" She is too funny...

We were lucky enough to spend time with Aunt Christy (as the kids call her) and Uncle Johnny because we stayed at their Bed and Breakfast :) We got to see Aunt Diane, Jim, JJ, and Grandpa at Bob Evan's for lunch on Friday. The kids were also happy that Amma and Ampa joined us for lunch and then headed to the park with us. Saturday morning we headed to the Toledo Zoo with Aunt Ann and Grammy. Caden was a little warm, but we had a great time. We then spent some more time with Amma and Ampa, and then we met Aunt Theresa Berry and Uncle Bob for dinner at Red Robin. We ended the trip with breakfast with Ampa, Amma, and Stephanie on Sunday morning for Father's Day before we headed back to Wisconsin. Whew! That was a lot. I am tired just typing it!

I will update with pics from the Toledo trip when I get pics from my bro. My phone was full (as always), so I wasn't able to take pics. He got some super cute ones at the zoo.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, so the kids and I spent time at Bay Beach with Andrew and William. The weather was perfect for it. It was sweatershirt weather in the shade, but it was perfect in the sun. The kids LOVED the rides. I can't wait to go back with Ryan. Here are a couple of pics:

Lilli looks so old in this pic!
Caden loves wearing his big boy hat. I think he also thought he was a big kid because he got to ride on the carousel by himself.
It was has been a great summer so far. I look forward to many other great days!

Take care,

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