Sunday, June 23, 2013

getting things done and tired kiddos

Ryan and I didn't know what to do yesterday being able to sleep in without the kiddos at the house. We were super lazy and slept in until 9:15. It was glorious... It was raining, so Ryan wasn't able to mow the lawn right away. We bummed around the house, got a few things done, and then we headed to the Dockside Tavern for a bite to each for lunch.

The kiddos were still with Uncle Danny and Aunt Samantha, because we had a wedding to attend in New London for one of my colleagues. Hannah Simonson (the new math teacher at my school) and Todd Truesdale were married at 2 pm. It was a pretty wedding. The bride was beautiful.

Uncle Danny made sure to keep us up to date with the kiddos, so here are the photos he sent while they were with him.

This does not look comfortable AT ALL :)
Completely out

Getting spoiled with some cake pops at Target.

We decided to run to Menards after dinner, but the kids didn't quite make it that far:

They didn't even wake up when we transferred them to their beds.
Today we are planning to go over to Grandma and Grandpa's (Ames), because Sara and Mike (and the kids) and Reed and Terra (and the kids) are in town. Cara is also scooting into town with the boys. It is a pretty hot one today, so the kids will probably spend a lot of time in the pool. I will update with pics tomorrow.

Until then!

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