Thursday, May 03, 2012

Things pile up

Have you ever noticed that when you need to do something, and you put it off for a little bit, it all seems to pile up? As a teacher, this can easily happen with work that needs to be graded, or laundry that needs to be washed, or thank yous that need to be written... Once you put it off for a little bit, it gets to the point where you almost feel like it's hopeless and you just should give up. I always think that that is the way people must feel who live in those homes featured on the hoarding shows. Their houses simply get to the point where they just don't even know where to begin. Well, that is kinda how I have been feeling with the blog. My life got a little hectic there for awhile, and I kept pushing the blog updates to "tomorrow." The days kept passing, and the blog kept not getting updated. I have felt really guilty. I know that this is how my family gets to see the kids. How you all get to know what is going on in our world. I guess ultimately like I was failing... Well, I wasn't. I was thinking a lot about it, and I realized I do A LOT, and that no one would blame me for getting behind on the blog. Most of my friends are amazed that I ever find time for the blog at all. So with ALL of that being said, I am back! I realized last night that I do not need to try to make up for lost time, all I need to do is simply move forward. Yes, I will catch you up on something that have happened over the last month, but I will not dwell on trying to give a day by day account. Whew! Just writing this much makes me feel so much better :)

Some of the things I will be highlighting over the next few posts are the dancing Ryan and I did, the Half Marathon, and of course just some unbelievably cute pics of the kids :) I always have a surplus of those.

So look for some more frequent updates to come. Some days may be very short updates, and some may only be a pic or a video, but there will be updates. I want to make sure that the family gets to keep witnessing the growth of the kiddos.

I will leave you with a video that I have from last week. Ryan was out of town for business from early Tuesday morning through Sunday afternoon (I was on tired mommy), so the kids and I sent him videos daily. Here is one that we sent to him:


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