Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Zoo and more time with Amma and Ampa

This morning I had a great time going to Aunt Chris' Jazzercise class. It was a good workout. I love the classes because of the variety of music, plus it always just feels like it is having fun and not working out.

After the workout we met up with Aunt Anna and Grammie at Five Guys. Not a very Weight Watchers friendly choice, but it was good. If anyone wants to know what the healthiest thing on their menu is, go with the grilled cheese...shockingly. They also have a veggie sandwich, but it isn't a Bocca burger or anything. It is just whatever veggies they have (lettuce, peppers...) on the bun. No thanks. At least the food gave me enough energy to walk through the zoo, which is where we headed after lunch.

The temperature was only in the high 40's, but it was still very pleasant. The kids got to see quite a few animals, some of the exhibits were closed, but they still had a good time. Here are some pics:

We rented a wagon to use instead of the stroller.
Surviving the Arctic! Brrr...
Lilli and Grammie look at the monkeys. Well, Grammie did at least.
Mr. Joe Cool Caden
That night we went back to Amma and Ampa's to have an early Easter celebration with the kiddos. We kicked it off with dinner from Chipotle's. YUM! I love it there. The kids were, of course, spoiled. Here are some highlights:
Lilli tries to carry her Easter basket.
Amma helps Lilli with the basket.
Caden tries out his cool bubble blowing lawn mower.
As a side note about the mower, Lilli LOVED it, too. So Amma and Ampa ended up going back to the store that night and getting Lilli a mower, too :)  Here is a video with the mower:


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