Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Wildwood and visiting with more family

After lunch (which was at Potbelly- I was THRILLED to see that Toledo has one!!!) with Aunt Ann and Grammie, we headed to Wildwood with Grammie. We decided to walk (or go exploring as Caden would say) before playing on the playground. Here are some pics from our exploring:

It was a beautiful day.
Caden enjoyed leading the way.
But not too far ahead...
Crazy boy :)
So cute I can hardly stand it. Loving those piggies!
Caden said, "Me, too, Mama!"

We then played on the playground. Did you also notice that Lilli now allows me to put piggies in her hair? I am super excited about that.

That night we were happy to have Grandpa Philo, Aunt Diane, Jim, and JJ come over to Aunt Chris and Uncle Johnny's for lunch. We grilled some chicken. It was so nice to be able to see them all. We were also happy that Aunt Anna was able to come and visit along with Laura and CJ. Caden had a GREAT time playing with CJ and JJ. They played monster where they had to attack JJ. We had some foam weapons we bought in the dollar section at Target. I love that section...

Attacking the "monster."
Not really a fair fight :)
Aunt Diane, JJ, Laura, and Aunt Anna
Grandpa and Jim. That is Meiko, Aunt Chris and Uncle Johnny's dog.
The kids were also spoiled with Easter baskets from the family. They got cute beach toys in a carrier, a stuffed animal, and super cute clothes. Plus Lilli got hair pretties :)

Look at the size of those baskets!

Caden tears into his.
Lilli got into the action, too.
We are so happy to have the time to visit with them :) I think the kids favorite part was that Aunt Diane made a Mickey and Minnie cake. She decorated it with rings. They LOVED it. Lilli and Aunt Diane bonded while Lilli enjoyed her slice:)

It was hard keeping Lilli back from ripping into the cake.
Lilli's new best friend :)


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