Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Spinning and Dinner with Amma and Ampa

This morning I went to Spinning with Aunt Chris. It was great to try it at another gym. The class was completely different from the way they do it at our Y. I really like it. She also had me do some weight lifting since I really need to work on that. She showed me some great moves. She is one tough woman! Don't mess with her :)

I asked Caden where he wanted to meet Aunt Ann and Grammie for lunch, and his response was "Red Robins." So that's where we went. We had a very nice lunch. After eating Ryan headed back to Grammie's with Aunt Ann to get some work done while Grammie and I went with the kids to Target to pick up a few things we needed. We then went to hang out at Grammie's until heading over to Amma and Ampa's house for dinner.

The kids had a great time. Lilli was much better around everyone this visit. I think she is getting old enough that she is finally starting to really remember people :) We had a great visit with Amma and Ampa.  Here are some pics. For some reason we only seemed to take pics of Lilli today:

Lilli checking out Callie.
Playing with Amma.
Playing with the animals with the laser pointer.
Lilli was a big fan of playing with Callie :)

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