Monday, April 02, 2012

ICO Visit and Arriving in Toledo

This morning we played some more games in the arcade before we hit the road. Caden deciding he wanted to play more games and not go swimming again. After we packed everything up we headed to Chicago to pay a visit to ICO. Ryan wanted to get a new shirt in the gift shop, plus he wanted to see what some of the renovations turned out. The school looked great, and I could tell Ryan felt right at home :)

After the school visit it was time for lunch. Since we were in Chicago we HAD to eat at Pancho's. After our tummies were full we took off for Toledo.

We arrived in Toledo right around 6 pm, and Aunt Chris, Uncle Johnny, and Jill were all home. We had dinner shortly after arriving. After eating Grammie and Aunt Ann came over to visit. The kids, although tired, had a great day.

Here are some pics. Unfortunately we didn't take any pics in Chicago :(

Lilli showing off her "pretty piggies" to Aunt Chris and Grammie.
Lilli checks out a pic on Aunt Ann's phone while lounging before her bath.

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