Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter!!!

Yesterday we decided that we needed to dye some eggs, and Caden had a blast! I was especially thrilled when he wanted to eat them after. My kids love them some eggs!
Look at those skills.
Lilli colored the egg with the crayon before dyeing it.

Caden LOVED dipping the eggs.
Sometimes he checked the eggs too often :)
Adding some stickers after the egg was dyed.
Checking out their master pieces.
Our family eggs
Time to sample the eggs.
"This egg is soooo goooood..."
This morning started out with the kiddos checking out their baskets before we headed off to church. They were both pretty excited. Lilli was just as excited to see raisins in her Easter basket as candy. She busted open one of the boxes right away.

After church we came back and looked for the eggs that the Easter bunny hid around the house. The Easter bunny left them some quarters in the eggs. That was very smart of him since they each received a piggy bank in their baskets. Here are some pics:
Caden found his basket in the Cozy Coupe.
Lilli checks out her piggy bank while Caden shows her the raisins.
Lilli digs right in!
Caden finds a couple of the eggs before going to church.
We headed to Grandma and Bumpah's for lunch with the family. Caden was super excited to see Andrew, and he had an added bonus of getting to play with Adin, too. The kids were spoiled beyond belief with their baskets from Grandma and Bumpah, Aunt Cara and Uncle Jordon, and also Aunt Samantha and Uncle Danny. I don't think it would be possible for them to eat all of that candy in a year!
Caden checks out his goodies from Aunt Cara and Uncle Jordon while Andrew opens his.  

Lilli found her basket that was hidden at Grandma and Bumpah.
Lilli loves the bunny and net from Aunt Cara and Uncle Jordon.
This was the first year we had an Easter egg hunt. The kids LOVED it!!!

Lilli did a pretty good job!
Here's a shot with both kids in action.
Caden was all over that yard looking for his blue eggs.
Lilli with her piggies blowing in the wind :)
I know she isn't smiling, but she still looks so pretty.
Caden checking out his loot.
He was pretty excited about the gummy carrot. This is about two seconds before he ate it :)
It was a very wonderful day. The weather was sunny and the kids had a great time.


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