Sunday, April 01, 2012

10K, Caden's first race, and Key Lime Cove

We had a lot going on today. It all started this morning with Nicole and me running a 10K in Appleton. It was Scheel's Run for Home. Our run started at 8 am. Caden and Maddie had a 1/4 mile run that started at 9:30. am. The 10K went well. It started out being a little chilly, but by the time we got moving it was fine. Here is a pic I snapped of the two of us before we started:

Here is a pic of a kissy face couple who had some sweet pants:

They are the ones wearing the sweet neon shirts.
I think Ryan and I should start running together and wear something like that :)

The kids had a lot of fun running. Here are some pics:

Getting excited for the run.
Mama running with Caden.
Look at the determination.
Nice form
Take a look at our medals :)
Celebrating with a hotdog.
After the run we headed home to get ready to leave for Gurnee Mills. We decided instead of driving all the way to Toledo today, we would break up the trip and spend a night in Gurnee Mills at the Key Lime Cove indoor water park. We really liked it. There was plenty for the kids to do. We ate dinner, went swimming, played games in the arcade, and then snuggled and watched "Rango." (We all fell asleep before the movie ended.) Here are the pics:

Caden LOVED the slides.
This was another small slide, but he also went to big ones with Dada.
Drying off

We both have piggies!

Riding on some dogs. Can we see Lilli behind him?

Giving Spider man a squeeze.

Lilli tries out the dinosaur candy scooper.

Why does this scare me?

Lilli is so talented that she can shift AND steer :)

Yummy rainbow ice cream.
Lilli shared with Dada AND Caden :)
Snuggling in to watch "Rango" before going to bed.
It was a great night. I think the kids would LOVE to come back again sometime. I think we would definitely do this again.


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