Friday, March 09, 2012

Workout Update

I'm sorry that some of my posts have not been going up. There has been an issue with the ones that I am scheduling. So there is one from March 7th that I just noticed did not post. I just posted it. Please go back and look at it. Super cute pics of the kiddos!


Friday = workout update! This week was kinda similar to last week. It was hard to get too motivated with my workouts. My body was physically tired this week, so the morning thing only happened once.

Here was my week:

Saturday: Spinning
Sunday: 6 miles (on the treadmill) I broke it up into two different 3 mile runs due to time issues.
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Ran 3 miles before school. This should have been 4, but I got a later start than I should have.
Wednesday: Spinning (This is such an awesome workout. This week I did 20 miles in 65 minutes. Not too bad)
Thursday: 15 minutes on the elliptical
Friday: 4 miles on the treadmill (I am planning to do this tonight.)

Another thing that I did was practice the dance for the competition at the end of April. (I will post more about this later.) I am usually sweating by the end, so I know it's a good workout :)

Tomorrow is the Shamrock Shuffle, so I know it will be a good workout day. I am still planning to go to Spinning before the run. I may be crazy. If I can't walk on Sunday, we will know it was a bad idea :)

I am hoping next week will be a great workout week. My weight has also gone up a little, so that has been discouraging. I know my muscle is really starting to develop though. My eating has been pretty great. I just need to stop weighing myself and only go off of measurements. Why does a number on the scale mean so much?


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