Friday, March 02, 2012

Workout Update

Friday = workout update! This week was not as great as the last couple. This has been my hardest week with working out. I still got the workouts in, except last night, but it seems like each was a struggle.

Here was my week:

Saturday: Spinning
Sunday: 5 miles (on the
Monday: Rest (I must say that I looked forward to this rest day.)
Tuesday: 45 minutes on the elliptical
Wednesday: 3.5 miles (Ryan had a meeting, so I wasn't able to attend Spinning. That's why I switched my run to Wednesday.)
Thursday: Rest (I was planning to do another 40 on the elliptical, but it didn't happen. Hmmm...that happened last week, too. Is this becoming a pattern)
Friday: 3.5 miles on the treadmill (I am planning to do this tonight.)

One big difference this week is that I didn't work out at all in the morning. I think I need to get back to that again. It just seemed like I have so much more energy for my workouts when I do them in the AM. It's just that since I am not the fastest running, getting up early enough for a 4 mile run and leaving myself enough time to get ready for work is a crunch. I know what I need to do...get up earlier :( I will be make happier if I do.

Another big difference this week is that I don't think I had enough water to drink. I think that definitely is having a direct impact on my workouts. What happened is that I broke my cute water cup on Monday at school. It fell off of my podium. I usually would drink about 2-3 of those containers of water during the school day. Luckily last night I bought a new one, and it's even cuter :)

The important part is to not let this week get me down. I KNOW I will have bad weeks. I am just hoping that next week is better :) I bet that signing up for a 5K will get me pumped again. We'll see!

I'll leave you with two pics of the kiddos that Grandma took today. Too cute!


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