Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spinning, Appleton, Aunt Lexie

I was really excited when Ryan agreed to go to Spinning this morning with me. We decided we would go to the 9 am class instead of the 7:30 since we needed to have enough time to feed the kids and get them ready. The instructor this morning was pretty brutal. We did hills almost the entire time. That was a rough class to be Ryan's first, but he did awesome. So did Lilli. I was a little concerned with her in the child care area. Not because I didn't think they would do a good job, but because I didn't want her to cry the entire time. She stopped crying pretty quickly the woman told us.

After Spinning we took the kids to the Family Prime Time area of the Y where they have a climbing thing with a big slide. Caden really liked playing on that. I went inside of it as well so that Lilli could get in there. She thought she was big stuff since she was in with the bigger kids. Caden wanted to go swimming, too, so we told him we would head back to the Y tomorrow to swim.

Once Ryan and I were showered and ready, we headed to Appleton to run some errands. We did some shopping at the mall and also ate lunch there. Both kids were really well behaved. It was a good time. One the highlights of the trip to the "wrong Target," as Caden calls it (It is not the Target in Oshkosh), as getting to ride the wildly lame (my opinion) and overpriced rides in the mall right outside of Target. Here he is:
Here he is flying the airplane. The pic isn't the greatest quality.
He is disappointed the ride stopped.
He also drove a truck. I kept telling him the bunny in the car behind him was going to get him.
He LOVED it. I guess it makes the rides worth the $.75 a pop.

I have to tell you something Caden said in the car today. He likes singing the "Bob the Builder" theme song, but he thinks it is funny to sing it like, "Bob the Builder. Can we fix it? No, we can't." The real words are to end it with, "Yes, we can." He was singing this in the car (which Lilli also likes to sing as Bob the B... very cute), and he said, "Bob the Builder. Can we fix it?..." Then he just paused and said, "Anyone?" Ryan and I started laughing. Ryan said he was like a stand up comedian or something getting the audience involved. Ryan ended up singing the rest of the song for him.

Aunt Lexie ended up coming over for dinner. Caden told us that we could leave when we told him she was coming over. :) I guess he likes it when Aunt Lexie watches them. We informed him we would not be leaving. After the kiddos went to bed we decided to hot tub it for a little bit. Overall...a very nice day!

I will leave you with a picture of Lilli from last Sunday when we went to Target. We decided we would let the kids have a cake pop along with their milk. Lilli was a big fan:

She loves sugar just like her Mama :)

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