Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shamrock Shuffle 2012!!!

Today was awesome! I started my morning with 16 miles in my Spinning class. It was a great class. After the class I took three Ibruprofen to make sure I wasn't sore when it came time to run the 5K an hour and a half later. It worked; I wasn't sore! Overall the run went very well. Nicole and I still are not sure what our exact time was, but it should have been under 34 minutes. That's a personal best for me. And considering we were running against the wind...uphill for the beginning of the run, even better! Here we are before the run:

It was nice that the fam was there to cheer me on.

Lookin' stylish in our neon colors!
Here I am with the kiddos after:

Yay! Finished the run!
Since I hadn't had much to eat before the run, I was ready for lunch when we finished. Since we had to walk past Jimmy John's to get to our car, we decided we may as well just eat there. It was great. Caden and I really enjoyed our subs:

Caden's face is too funny!
So did Lilli:

Again, she is a ham. She is trying to say "cheese" while she is chewing her sandwich.
Have a nice night!!!

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