Monday, March 05, 2012

Poopy on the potty

So, this was a post that I wrote on February 22. I don't know why it didn't go up. Better late than never!


Catchy title, huh? This has been a goal for us that we've had for Caden for it seems FOREVER. The kid just has no interest. We offer to buy him toys...nothing. Of course we did have that one successful time, but then nothing... We have bribed him with everything, but he still insists that he does not want to go on the potty. :(

Yesterday I had to run to Target to pick up a few things. While I was walking down the toy aisle (I know, why did I need to do this?! My children do NOT need anything...I know), it hit me that maybe I should buy a toy that he really wants, and then just not let him play with it or open it until he poops on the potty. My Aunt Ann had mentioned doing this with my cousin Andrea when she was little. (Andrea, you're welcome for my mentioning your potty training on my blog :) ) So I grabbed a pack of the Toy Story 3 Squinkies.

I have to admit that they are kinda cute.

For those of you who have never heard of Squinkies, they may as well refer to them as "choking hazards." Caden showed a lot of interest in the little toys last time we were at Target. They have Squinky versions of everything: Sponge Bob, Cars, Marvel Comics, Hello Kitty... You name it, it's a Squinky. Well, anyway, I forked over the $10 for these 12 little plastic toys. As you can see, 9 of them are identified, but there are three secret ones. We plan to give him one Squinky for every time he goes poopy on the potty. 

I showed them to Caden and he LOVED them. Of course he wanted to play with them right away. I explained the deal. No poopy, no toys. He immediately started to walk upstairs. "I will go poopy on the potty now," he told me as he started climbing the stairs. He took his little pants down by himself and that kid tried. Very hard. But nothing... He told me he was trying, and I knew he was. I think he was hoping that I would budge and give him one for making a valiant effort. Nope. I stood my ground. He tried two other times last night. Ryan tried to explain to him that we can't just poop on demand. He was upset because he wanted to go in order to play with Woody. Woody was his choice as the first Squinky he will get. We told him he can try again today.

If he does poop on the potty today, I will be so mad at myself for not doing this MONTHS ago. But of course the number one thing I will feel is joy that he is finally doing it. I have known all along that he is fully capable, it was just getting that stubborn little guy to make up his mind that he wanted to do it.


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