Monday, March 19, 2012

NEW Zoo and clean house

Caden and Lilli were super lucky today, because Grandma and Bumpah took them to the NEW (North East Wisconsin) Zoo. They also got to spend some quality time with their cousin Adin. Grandma sent me this pic on my phone:

 It looks like it was a little difficult to get all kiddos to look at the same time. Kinda like trying to put squirrels in a bucket.

Since today was another G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. day, it was perfect zoo weather. I was extremely jealous. They all had a great time.

It was a Grandma Monday, so that means Dada picks up the kids. I usually run around and get errands done. I was pretty successful today. I got a new cable/DVR box from Time Warner since ours hasn't been working for a few weeks. We could watch cable, but the recording capability stopped for some reason. We also could not pause, rewind...very frustrating. I called to make an appointment to get the work on the Pacifica done (some arm thing, something with the computer, and we need new tires... sad trombone...), I stopped at Target to pick up Grammie's birthday present since her birthday is Thursday, checked Goodwill for red cowboy boots (no luck), and stopped at Pick N Save to grab some salmon for tonight. I made dinner, including a yummy corn salad to put on the salmon, and then started the dreaded housework. Jules who usually cleans for us is gone for the next two weeks, so I am really realizing how much we LOVE her. I will say the house looks pretty good now. The cleaning even involved me scrubbing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees. The dishwasher is running, as are the washer and dryer, as I type. I was also able to make a quick birthday card for Grammie before packing up the box to be mailed tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it gets there by Thursday!

So, I am one tired girl!


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