Wednesday, March 07, 2012

My children are brilliant

What more can I say? I received photographic evidence yesterday of just how smart my children are. It started with  Caden pointing out to Grandma that a pretzel looked like the letter "a." Judge for yourself:
He is even wearing an ABC shirt.
And then young Lilli, not to be outdone, decided to sit and display her excellent reading skills:
I see a future scholar when I look at this picture.
How brilliant indeed! I know it isn't just that they are my children, so I assume they are outstanding at pretty much everything. That's not it, right? They just are that wonderful.

They truthfully do amaze me every day. Last night when I got home Ryan was putting Caden to bed. I crawled in bed with him, and he asked me to tell him stories about when I was a little girl. That is his new favorite thing to do. So I tell him about the little girl Barby and her little brother Danny. At this point he always says, "He's Uncle Danny to me." He somehow thinks that I will have forgotten this fact. :) I love it how he smiles when I tell him the stories. Then he always says, "If you are a little girl again, I will play with you. We can play on my swing set." My little dreamer...


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