Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mom and Bill are here!

Mom and Bill got here late last night. The kids were already in snoozevile, but the dogs, Ryan, and I were really excited to see them. This morning Caden woke up and knocked on the playroom door where Mom and Bill were sleeping. He wanted them to get up. Mom asked if they should get up, and he looked at the window with the sun coming in and said, "Look." It was cute. He was pointing out to them that it was morning time, as he likes to call it. He was also wondering why they were sleeping in "Grammie's bed." He seems to think that the bed belongs to Grammie since she has spent the most time staying in there. I will have to make sure to tell her that.

Caden got a haircut today at 10. Thank you, Catie! He did a great job, just like he normally does. After his haircut, Caden, Mom, Danny, and I ran to Target to pick up a few things. Caden kept asking me for things that he didn't need, so of course I said no. He is a smart young man though... He realized how to get what he wanted. "Oma, could I please have this?" That is all that he had to ask, and then my mother bought he pretty much whatever he wanted. He even said to me, "Mama, when I ask you for thing, you say no." I told him that is because he doesn't need everything. He then said, "I will just ask Oma. She will get it for me." Yep...he's a stinker. A smart stinker...but a stinker. He ended up with a haul: Spongebob plate, a mini Maple Syrup (I don't know is cute), a Cars set with plate, bowl and cup, the matching Cars cutlery set, and a Dora set that had the same parts as the Cars one (Caden is always looking out for his little sister). Not too bad...

When we got home from Target we started cooking dinner since we were making Meat Patties and Gravy. We got everything put together so there wouldn't be any stress trying to get things put together when it got closer to dinner time. We ended up having a houseful. Our house had: Ryan, Caden, Lilli, Mom, Bill, Dave, Lynn, Pam, Dick, Chris, Danny, and me. We all managed to fit :)

Sorry there are no pics. I think my mom took some, so I will have to put some extras up tomorrow. I am BEAT!


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