Saturday, March 03, 2012

Caden the baker

Caden has been asking for me to make the Buzz Lightyear cake again that I made for his birthday. You know, the one that took me around 4 hours to decorate. And no, that doesn't include baking time. Well, he keeps telling me he wants it again since last time all of his friends at the cake, and he only got a cupcake. I didn't realize that bothered him so much. It obviously does, because that kids is constantly reminding me about it. I decided that this weekend I would remake the cake. Caden helped me bake the cake last night. Here are a few videos of Caden hard at work!

I will show you the final product on Sunday's post. We are going to have it for dessert for lunch. Since Cara, Jordon, and Andrew are in town, it will be even better. Andrew is on a Buzz kick, so he'll love the cake!


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