Friday, February 10, 2012

Workout Update

Hard to believe it is already Friday again! Not that I'm complaining :) It's Friday, so it is time for a workout update. I think I did a decent job of working out this week. Things were a little off since Ryan had a meeting again this Wednesday, so I wasn't able to go Spinning. I also had my big National Boards testing on Thursday, so overall it was a strange week. Here's what it looked like picking up with last weekend:

Saturday: Spinning (7:30am class at the Y)
Sunday: 4 mile run outdoors :) with Nicole
Monday: Rest (This was very hard for me to do. I know I need to add rest days.)
Tuesday: Turbo Sculpt (This as supposed to be a running day, but it didn't work out. I will still make sure to log the miles this week.)
Wednesday: I ended up just doing ab work. Since Ryan was at a meeting, and I was studying for my test, working out was not my number one priority.
Thursday: 3 miles on the treadmill (It was slow...I was super tired, but I am happy I logged the miles.)
Friday: Rest

The plan for the weekend is to go to Spinning tomorrow AM, and then I have another 4 mile run on Sunday. Unfortunately the conditions right now look like I will not be able to run outside. I don't do well with snow and ice. I don't want to end up breaking something.

I will let you know next Friday how it all ends up playing out.

I have been diligently recording all of my food for Weight Watchers. I was bummed out last week because my weight stayed the same. Ryan mentioned that he thought I maybe should be eating more since I work out so much. I switched around my settings so that now I don't eat any of my extra points, but I try to make sure I eat any of the points I earn for working out. That seems to make sense in my head. My weight also dropped another half a pound, so I think that is what I needed. I am going to stop worrying about the weight, and keep focusing more on how my clothes are fitting and I am feeling. I can already tell a huge difference. My legs are much stronger. :) I will have a very easy time keeping up with Caden and Lilli this summer (which can't get here soon enough!)

Caden update: As you know, he smacked his face yesterday and gave himself a monster of a fat lip. This morning he woke up and it was almost just as swollen. He seems to not be too bothered by it, but man does it look painful. He is a pretty tough little man.

I don't have any pics for today, but as I was looking through my phone I realized I do have a cute video that Caden sent to Dada when he was out of town. I don't think I posted it on here before. If I did, I guess you get to watch it again! Cute...Cute...Cute!!!


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