Sunday, February 26, 2012

Windy Day and Peek a Boo Lilli

The sun did make an appearance today, but it was soooo WINDY! Although I know I've mentioned many times that I hate running on the treadmill, but it was just too windy to run outside. I am happy to report that I did successfully complete my 5 miles for today. While I was running outside, Ryan took the kiddos outside to soak up some Vitamin D. Here are a couple shots:

Lilli loves wearing her helmet.
Caden got a good workout riding his motorcycle.

It was a very nice day. We ended the evening with a nice family meal at our house.

I will leave you for tonight with a video that Ryan got of Lilli yesterday. She is REALLY into playing peek a boo. She loves to play it just about anywhere. Today she was playing it by hiding her head in Ryan's coat while he was pushing the shopping cart. We also got her to demonstrate how she shows "stinky baby." She is a funny little squirt.


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