Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Slow cooker = time saver

Again with the slow cooker...I know... I have been doing a little more research in this department, and thanks to Nicole suggesting I check out this link to a woman's blog who used her slow cooker for 365 a row...I have decided I am going to up my usage. My plan is to start using my slow cooker two days a week. I am not jumping into anything crazy like every day of the week, but two days is a good number. One thing I really like about this blog collection of recipes is that she includes pictures, but she also explains how the recipes turned out in the end. How many times have you looked at a recipe, the picture looked good, but then when you made it, it just wasn't great? I'm sick of that. She had one curry recipe listed that I thought looked awesome. After reading her review of it, I KNOW we wouldn't like it. I want someone else to do that work for me, so then I will just be left with recipes that are decent.

Tomorrow I will be making one of the recipes. I found a corn chowder recipe on there. I LOVE me some corn chowder, so I thought that would be a good place to start. I think Lilli will like it, too. Caden? Maybe. We will see. :) That kid still isn't a big eater. I did get him to eat two fish sticks last night. Now these were not your run of the mill fish sticks. I have been trying to get the kiddos more organic food. Since Caden doesn't eat a ton, I need to make sure that what he does eat is the best it can be. He seems to like those. Lilli does too, of course, but that girl will eat almost anything.

Tomorrow I will have a substitute teacher at school since I will be at a meeting in Oshkosh. I already have everything set up for the sub, so today should be a relatively smooth day. Ryan has a meeting tonight, so that means no spinning :( Since I didn't do my 4 mile run yesterday, that's what I will be doing after the kiddos are in bed. Although I still LOVE working out in the morning so I don't have to do it in the evening, 4 mile runs just take too much time. If I were faster this wouldn't be an issue, but I'm not. I will continue to do my elliptical work in the morning on cross training days since that is only for 40-45 minutes.

The kids and I had fun playing tonight while Dada was in his meeting. Here are some pics from our evening:

"No, don't take my picture!"

Silly kids! Lilli decided to store Jessie in her mouth instead of holding her :)

Caden thinks it is pretty cool that we both can curl our tongues.

Playing with the Toy Story toys. She has Woody.

Pausing from playing to smile and say "cheese."

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