Thursday, February 23, 2012

No poop :( New nanny :)

Unfortunately I have no update in the bathroom department for the little man. He's a big talker, but when it come time, he still doesn't want to use the toilet. I am still going to remain optimistic that it will happen in the next week. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Last week our new nanny Crystal started. She will be watching the kids every Wednesday and every other Monday. While we were super sad that Leonna had to stop watching the kiddos, we are really happy that the kids have Miss Crystal as their new friend. They had a lot of fun yesterday and went to the mall in Appleton to play in the play area before the stores opened. Here are two cute pics that Crystal sent to me:

Look at that smile!
Caden LOVED crawling around.
How happy does Lilli look? Caden always looks so serious :)

After playing at the mall (and eating a cookie :) ) the kids got to go to see Miss Crystal's house in Neenah. Caden was pretty excited because they got to feed a guinea pig. They both zonked on the way home. When I got home from work they were outside drawing with chalk on the driveway. Lilli had a HUGE smile on her face. So cute :)

I will leave you with a pic of Lilli from last night. She was eating a snack, and she wanted some ketchup. Check out her dunking skills as she adds a little ketchup to her cracker.

Making the dip
Yummy! Yummy!
She was a happy camper!


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