Wednesday, February 08, 2012

National Boards...again

Tomorrow is a pretty big day for me. I am heading to Madison to complete three Assessment Center exercises for the National Boards process. Many of you probably remember me talking about this from when I first started the 2009. Yep, it's taken that long. When I started I was pregnant with Lilli. I missed the first time because one of the portfolios did not score the best. I was pretty bummed. I decided to do it again and only redo that one portfolio. I didn't think that I needed to try to redo anything else since I was so close. Big...mistake... I ended up missing the cut off the second time by three points. That was almost worse than the first time! :( This time around I am playing it a little safer. Instead of redoing one portfolio, I am redoing three Assessment Center exercises AND the portfolio. Since I only need three points, I am REALLY hoping I will get it this time. The horrible part is that I will not find out the results until November. That is complete torture...

On a happy note, look at the cute pics Ryan sent to me yesterday morning. I especially love her crazy hair!

She loves smiling when she gets her picture taken.

Ryan said she was really excited to get the banana. My babies both love fruit!

Lilli is usually such a happy girl when she wakes up! Caden was still sleeping :)


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