Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Minka Moo: a very hungry dog

To say that Minka is a fan of food is a vast understatement. She is downright THRILLED when she sees us even walking in the direction of the garage door (we store the food in the garage). I have been telling my mom how excited she gets. Yesterday I attempted to get a video of this excitement. The quality and camera work isn't the best since I was trying to capture the video while I was also carrying her food dish. I ended up breaking the video up into a few parts. Please ignore my annoying voice. I didn't realize I talk so baby to her until I heard this. Horrible... Enjoy!

Here is Minka finding out she is going to eat:

Getting her food:

Not coming up for air:

I think it is safe to say that we have a little piglet on our hands. She may end up eating us out of house and home when she gets bigger :)

On the potty training front, she seems to have regressed somewhat. She was doing VERY well for awhile there. Now we pretty much have at least one accident a day. Some days more than that. Oh well! She will learn. She is lucky she is so cute :)


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