Monday, February 06, 2012

Long awaited missing Christmas pics

I promised to update again later with the pics from Christmas when we went to Ohio. I had them on Ryan's phone, since many times that serves as our only camera. That visit to Ohio was no different. I finally took the time this weekend to get the pics. So here they are! Long overdue, but finally posted :)

 Caden liked climbing the scratching post at Grammie's like it was a playground toy :)
Lilli takes time to pose for the camera.  

 The kids busily opening presents at Amma and Ampa's.
Spending time with Amma.
 Still opening presents :) Caden was a pro.
Proud Ampa holding the little lady.
Spending time with Great Grandpa Philo.
Caden showed Aunt Anna how some of the toys worked.
We had a nice visit with Aunt Diane. Looking forward to visiting again in April!
Lilli thought her older cousin Laura was pretty cool.

Lilli LOVED Grammie's necklace. She must get her love of shiny things from my mother :)



Diane said...

beautiful pictures, i will be able to compare pictures next year at this time.

The Ames Family said...

Very true. I can even do a blog post about it and have side by side pics!