Monday, February 20, 2012

Lilli the lounger

We have an alphabet DVD from Preschool Prep that I put on sometimes while the kids are playing. It's not the kind you sit down and watch, but it just plays in the background. It just goes through all of the letters, and then at the end of the video it plays the ABC song. Lilli LOVES the song. She stops whatever she is doing to watch it, and she usually bounces and dances along. She has even started to try to sing a long with it. It is pretty cute. The other day when it was on she decided she wanted to take a seat to watch it. Look at this little goof ball:

Smiling for the camera
Trying to get a little more comfortable
Stretching out that leg a little bit
Looking somewhat shocked, amused, or scared by the alphabet
Love it!


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