Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lilli is no longer a shrimp!

Last night was Lilli's last swimming class. I could really tell a difference with how comfortable she is in the water now from her first class. I know it is very important for us to keep getting the kids in the water. We REALLY need to start going swimming with them for fun once a week.

Here are some pics from her last lesson:

She does a great job of coming to me if I count to three. No fear :)

Here she is working on pulling herself out of the pool with help.
She was pretty proud that she reached the ducky. She had to show Dada.

Lounging babe
Here I am demonstrating my inability to go down the slide WITHOUT going under the water. One second after this picture was taken, Lilli went under, too :(
Here she is giving us the stink eye since she went under the water. A little upset, but still SO cute :)
I had Ryan come with me and stay out of the pool so he could get some pics. I need them for her scrapbook of course :)

Such a cute little shrimp.


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