Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lazy day :)

Today was a nice day since we didn't really have anything we needed to do. That is nice once in awhile. We played around the house for the first part of the day. Here are Lilli and Dada hogging around:

So silly!
I was super excited to see a box for me by the front door. It was my shoes!!! Look at these beauties:

Love! Love! Love! Now if only it weren't so cold outside...
Ryan and I took the kids to Appleton tonight to do some shopping. They were great. We ate a Mexican restaurant for dinner. I think the name was El Solea. Maybe... It was really good. Here are some pics from dinner:

Caden loved the waitress for bringing him cherries!

How cute does he look?

Lilli LOVED her some guacamole!

Have a nice night!
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